// comic strip uno //

First attempt mini comic... Something a little personal too.

// leering at shab's cornflakes '82 revisted //

Exactly what it says on the tin, box, cereal box...

// jack al heidi //

This ole chap came from the depths of one of my third year sketchbooks, remarkably he got lost in translation until today.
I decided to give the ole boy abit of a makeover and BAM here he is.. Jack Al Heidi. Quite the charmer.

// leering at shab's cornflakes '82 //

Here's a snapshot circa 1982 from one of many of my folk's photo albums(before my bro and I came along and broke the peace).
Dear ole Puggins (RIP), aged just 2 at the time leering over my dad's bowl of cornflakes. I'm told this was a regular occurrence. 
Puggs was no ordinary cat. She opened doors, thieved slabs of meat from the kitchen work top, climbed to the top of Christmas trees as well as tolerating my brother and I. She was a hardcore kitty alright.