Mineral Man!


Someone pay me to draw everyday? I love it a little too much.
Now all the stresses of making are over I've had time to get to dive back into my beloved sketchbook.......

Hello pencil

Thought I'd give the pencil another chance, it's good to shake up the media now and again. Give the ole fine liner pens a rest.

Introducing Leigh!

My next victim/model is my other dear chum Leigh... I'm lucky to have such handsome gentleman friends to draw from aye!


These characters are based upon my dear chum Jason and his amazing hair. This is the look I'm aiming to achieve when I photograph my final collection - I'm not sure how to describe it. Cool geek with a splash of ink? That will have to do for now! 

Some pre-visualisation sketches

A quick cleanse!

Had to have a little clean up of this image for the degree show brochure! Fudging regulations.. I'm still getting the point across though so its all gravy.

Dave Dave Daaaavison

Here's Dave Davison... I'm gradually introducing new colour palettes and I must say I'm quite pleased with this one!
And like it says, a shit in time saves nine! TRUE STORY. 
Cracks me up everytime!

Another touch up...

More definition around the main bits, though i think the 0.8 pen needs to be cracked out in order to finish this!

Touch up!

Getting better... Loving the dark scratchy effect behind 'enough'. I'll probably re draw this, make the lines bolder and add more dark shading behind the words.

Scary Mary

This needs to be extra large for you to appreciate it's utter scariness. A little scary right?... Hello Scary Mary

Fresh from photoshop..

Outlines need to be more defined in the initial drawing but I'm pretty happy with this idea. More ideas to follow very soon! MW x

It's definately shit or bust...

I've printed these onto lovely satin fabrics 
The red one in particular looks AMAZING on red delfino brushed satin, if I do say so myself!

Hello photoshop

Maisey + photoshop = 

Hello present!

Now we're on track of my more recent work.
I actually love these, at the time of drawing them I was inspired greatly by Hope Gangloff. I have professional love for her (work)!!

Early third year work..

You could say these were my page fillers and mind emptier's at the very beginning of first semester. Hence the topical irregularities..


More early 2010..

Ok here's a few I photoshopped. I realise now that I added the speech bubbles to them on the ceramic pieces.
In reflection, it's a quite a far cry from what I'm doing now. What a difference a year makes aye?

Early 2010 bits - Or should I say, the beginning..

Here's a few of my second year illustrations. They were the basis for my own ceramic decals.
As you may notice, I was really enjoying wolves at the time...